How it'll work?

Word of Mouth


Have a little chit chat with your friends, family and dear ones about services we offer, see if you can find any potential client who are looking for such services. We'll train you on how to.

Sounds Cool right!

Total Clients from your side If Incentive(₹)* Total Earned
01 1500 1,500 INR
05 1500 7,500 INR
11 1500 16,500 INR + Gadget
You get paid directly in your bank account via UPI/bank transfer etc.
Once we recieve advance from the client you get, FULL incentive will be transferred to you :)
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NO Conditions


In a world where condition coexist to make a deal, we bought you a deal without conditions. That means you save more!!

Its Free


Anyone can feel free to join. We are rolling out with a live dashboard, where you can update your clients, check incentives, milestones, gadgets etc. Till then all our updates and announcements will be made through our discord channel. Connect with us :)